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Prison Enterprises’ rangeherd operation is a sophisticated one, involving 5 correctional facilities:


In 2014, 11 of our employees completed the Master Cattle Producer classes offered at Louisiana State University and obtained the Louisiana Master Cattle Producer designation.  This was an eleven week class series which addressed cattle handling, nutrition, reproduction, feedstuffs and much more.  A very important component of this program is Beef Quality Assurance certification. This promotes safe, wholesome and healthy beef supply through proper management techniques.  


Louisiana State Penitentiary 
This facility houses a cow/calf operation of approximately 2,300 head of mature females.  It is a spring calving operation with most steer calves sold on the open market in the fall and the remainder of the steers moved to our backgrounding operation at David Wade Correctional Center.  All heifer calves are weaned in the fall with select heifers being moved to our replacement heifer operation at DCI in Jackson, Louisiana. 


Elayn Hunt Correctional Center
This cow/calf operation totals approximately 200 head.  Steers are sold on the open market mainly through video auction or sent to our backgrounding operation at DWCC.  Some heifer calves are transferred to our replacement heifer operation at DCI. 


Dixon Correctional Center 
This is our replacement heifer operation, where heifers are raised, put out with bulls and returned to respective cow/calf operations as pregnant replacements. 


David Wade Correctional Center  
This is our calf backgrounding operation in north Louisiana. Approximately 500 calves are sent to DWCC annually.  The calves are kept at this facility for at least 45 days post weaning, then are sold on the open market.


Avoyelles Correctional Center 
This operation of approximately 60 head is a rebreeding program for young open cows. The bred cows are then sold on the open market.